When two planets come within 0, 60, 90, 120 or 180 degrees of each other an angle or aspect is created. The angle between these two represent the strength and manner of their interaction. Each of the planets represent a unique and distinct type of energy. They connect and mix each others characteristics, establishing the timing of events.

Aspects tell you wether or not
these two will meet on the battlefield,
at the negotiation table,
or at the amusement park.

Aspects can be compared to the phases of the Moon in relationship to the Sun.
Wheel and Moon/Sun Aspects

  • New Moon (Conjunction 0 degrees),
  • Crescent Moon (Sextile 60 degrees),
  • Quarter Moon (Square 90 degrees),
  • Gibbous Moon (Trine 120 degrees),
  • Full Moon (Opposition 180 degrees).

It is important to understand the meaning of the aspects, because it tells you a lot. They are one of the main indicators of the amount of power you are likely to experience during a given cycle. Think of it like driving a car down a twisting road. It's a lot easier to go 40 than 120.

Aspects tend to fall into two groups; harmonious and inharmonious. The trine aspect (120 degrees) is a flowing and harmonious energy transfer most of the time, unless the planets are enemies.....

For example:

Saturn - Venus: Putting it mildly these two don't like each other... Throughout your life they will meet each other quite often. On a hard angle, they meet on the battlefield and they may fight it out or they may not! Easy angles, they sit down at the table. Most of the time Saturn adds a welcome stability when experienced on easy angles to sensitive planets. Hey, these two sat down and managed to generate some love, even though they are enemies.

Inharmonious Hard Aspects = Strong Energy

Hard aspects represent dynamic interchanges occurring through challenges, opposing forces, and personnel crisis. Very rarely do they fail to produce prominent events, especially with the conjunction and opposition, usually indicating the beginning and ending of phases in your life. The squares often present challenges, providing you with the opportunity to make necessary changes within an area of your life. Some are strong and some are week.

The Conjunction: This is a powerful angle because it is a major blending of two energies. This aspect is intense, dynamic, concentrated, energized and competitive. Whether it is negative or positive will depend on the compatibility of the planets involved, as well as how you have been living your life up until this point, and the decisions you make during the cycle.

The Opposition: This is another powerful aspect because it's energies tend to pull you first in one direction, then in another, causing instability and conflict in your life. This angle operates like a seesaw. You'll need equal weight on both sides. Equality is usually created through reconciliation and compromise. It can indicate that there will be forces opposing the desires you want to fulfil most in life. Usually a time of culmination and the reaping of the rewards of past efforts, with the opportunity to make changes that will lead to new levels.

The Square: This aspect is next in power, challenging in its manifestations. It is a dynamic interchange of energy which brings change and teaches endurance through challenge. You should look at these challenges carefully, and decide weather or not to make changes or to stand firm.

Harmonious Easy Aspects = Nice Energy

They represent uplifting, flowing, peaceful, and creative energies in your life. You must personally energize them or miss the opportunity for creativity and growth without crisis. If there is any type of problems with these cycles, you should make the necessary adjustments now, before more challenging angles come into play.

The Trine: Cycles under this aspect are considerably less powerful than the conjunction, opposition and square. They flow along harmoniously and the energy combination produces creativity and growth. Things come to you easily without any apparent effort on your part.

The Sextile: The opportunities available during this cycle must be taken advantage of, otherwise the cycle will pass without anything happening, good or bad. Benefits will come only through effort. It is a time when you can get what you want in the area indicated by the type of planetary interchange. Many people miss opportunities in life by not putting in the effort at the right time.

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